Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy

“I am Groot!”

Sorry, but for this one if you want a synopsis either go to the film’s website, watch the trailer, or head on over to a normal film reviewers page/blog. Not happening here.

Yes! I was able to watch this in the theater! While having movie theater popcorn!

And it was AWESOME!

I actually went to see this with my parents this past Sunday. Which was cool to have a bit of a family day out, plus my father wanted to see the movie as well. We actually finished our popcorn before the movie even started because there were so many of them. I do have to admit that “Big Hero 6” looks pretty cool. I have no hope whatsoever for “Into The Woods”, I do not trust Disney with Stephen Sondheim’s awesome musical. At least I have my copy of the original Broadway cast, so no worries.

I was not disappointed one bit! As I said, “Guardians Of The Galaxy” was awesome. It was just pure excitement and a lot of fun to watch. I even spotted the usual Stan Lee cameo, but what surprised me was seeing Lloyd Kaufman, the owner of Troma, have a cameo in the movie. Even spotting Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Amy Pond) was pretty awesome. Actually the entire cast just kicked ass! This surely makes up for missing “Pacific Rim” in the theater.

It is hard to choose just one main character as a favorite because they all have their good traits, quirks, and faults that make it hard to like just one. They all worked together so well. Each one had their funny moments. 

It also has me reading the comics right now because I just have to read them.

It was just a cool movie! I liked that it wasn’t the typical Marvel superheroes that everyone is familiar with, and it turned out way better than we expected. 

I would give a favorite moment, but since this is still in the theaters I will completely refrain since I do not want to ruin it for anyone.

I cannot wait until this is released because I REALLY want a copy, and I cannot wait for the sequel.

The most awesome theater experience!

At least for me.

I am Groot!

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Secretly Greatly

Secretly Greatly DVD

Secretly Greatly

Three North Korean Special Forces spies are sent to South Korea, and are taken residence in a poor neighborhood.

I have a question to anyone who might be more familiar with Korean cinema than myself;

Why does it seem like there are only three types of comedies (Yes! This film is listed as a comedy.) when it comes to Korean cinema? It seems like when it comes to comedies there is either the Romantic Comedies, where a slim few are good. Horror Comedy, which seems like there is a small amount of. And then there are the comedies that aren’t Romantic or Horror Comedies where you sit through the entirety of the film, having a good laugh, and then by the end of the film it is a total tearjerker and you’re reaching for a box of tissues or a hanky. I am not saying this makes the films bad, but I do not quite understand why a lot of comedy films outside of the two that I mentioned end like this.

Even the promotional material for these tearjerker Comedies are a bit misleading, along with some of the Horror films. 

If you do not believe me here is my review for the following movies; Short Time, Twilight Gangsters, and Girl Scouts. Not one of these films end with an overly happy ending, nor a comedy type of ending. They pretty much end in a sad kind of twist.

I am not one hundred percent sure about Girl Scouts, I might have to re-watch that film just to be sure. If I can ever get a copy, thankfully for now I have Netflix.

OK! Enough of me complaint about my confusion! On to what I thought of this movie.

This movie was great!

I know I say this about a lot of films, but that kind of what this blog is about; the things that I like.

I thought this film was very cool. 

The trailer for this film made it out to be a full-on comedy, but it actually turned out to be a lot more in a good way. The trailer is a good taste for what is in movie without sacrificing every moment of the plot. Unlike quite a few Western films I can think of where you pretty much see everything important in the film in one shot from the trailer.

Secretly Greatly definitely had some twists in its plot to keep you watching but not to the point where it is literally trying to beat you over the head with them. When they come they manage to cause that gasp of surprise when you don’t expect a twist to happen.

I like that the humor is played through the main characters trying to play out their undercover roles and interacting with the people living in the surrounding neighborhood. Especially the one character trying to be a musician. 

One thing this movie did disturbingly well was the shift from a bit of the comedic, happy moments at the beginning of the film to the more serious moments of its climax. Almost to the point of flawlessness for me. From the climax to the end of the movie is just heart wrenching. You will definitely want to make sure to have a box of tissues handy for the end of this movie, maybe more if you have some friends over for a viewing of this film.

Secretly Greatly is also based off of a web-comic called Covertness. I would definitely like to read this but unfortunately it has not been translated into English yet.

I wish I had some profound statement to close with for this post about Secretly Greatly, but all I can do is suggest watching this film if it piques your interest.

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Banana Satto Bob

Banana Satto Bob

Banana Satto Bob

A few posts back I had mentioned about perusing the Korean grocery store in my vicinity and grabbing some snacks and sweets that looked interesting and wanted to try. One of my purchases was a bag of banana flavored snacks called Banana Satto Bob. At least that was the description written in English on the label. 

Pretty much these are kind of like the puff popcorn products like Cheetos Puffcorn or the Pirate Booty puffed popcorn. Although I would say that are kind of between these and Kellogg’s Corn Pops. Although a bit more fitting as a snack rather than a breakfast item. They are kind of a nice compromise between crunchy Cheetos and the Puffcorn/Pirate Booty. You get a nice balance of crunch and puffiness. 

They are sweet but not overly sweet (If that makes any sense). The banana flavor is nice, sweet, but not overbearing. It is kind of like a good compromise for when you want popcorn, but also want something sweet at the same time. It is too bad they do not sell these in the movie theater. 

It definitely became my favorite Korean snack along with the Bungeoppang (which I am slightly addicted to btw), especially when I am having a movie night.


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Japanese D.I.Y. Candy

Sushi DIY Candy

D.I.Y. Candy

This past Christmas (Yeah, I know this post is pretty late) my family thought it would be a great idea to have me try some Japanese D.I.Y. candy. The theme for this particular box of candy was sushi. I think they do this just to see the reactions that I make when trying something new, which is something a lot of my friends are quite acquainted with when they have me try different kinds of food they make. Not so much to expose me to something I might like, but just to see how funny my reactions are to the food at the moment. Depending on how sadistic they are.

It was quite interesting to open the box containing all of the packets of powders, gum (supposed to be the seaweed), utensils, and other colored liquids. Basically the tray that everything sits in acts as a container and molds. 

If you cannot tell I am not doing too good of a job describing anything that resembles sushi. Especially since I have never really tried sushi, nor know exactly what goes with what or what goes in to making it. So I am pretty ignorant on this particular type of food. 

So we set to task; getting some water, setting up the liquid, making everything like in the picture on the box, watching the liquids change color, and then assembling everything to look like sushi. Or as close as to what it is supposed to look like. It was messy, but I think we managed to contain it quite well rather than have everything all over the table. Now if this were a bunch of children doing this that would be another story.

When everything was finally done and assembled it was time to set to task of placing each of the candies we made and see my reaction. Everyone else with camera in hand. 

I must admit that I have never experienced candy that feels pretty slimy in your mouth before. It was pretty damn sweet, but unnerving to swallow. It’s like giving your mouth a false sense of security as to what you are about to consume. It was pretty much like the gummy type of candies, but meant to feel like the type of food it represents. At least it didn’t taste like the food it looks like since I am not into fish.

Pretty cool, pretty weird, but I definitely want to try the other types of D.I.Y. candies. Maybe next time I’ll exclude the pics of my reactions…maybe.

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Disgaea 3

Dis Gaea 3

Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice

Mao is the son of the Overlord of the netherworld, and has not attended a single day of class in the underworld’s Academy. When the school slowly becomes taken over by a secret force, it is up to Mao and his cohorts, and anyone else who comes along to stop the school and the rest of the underworld from being overrun by whoever is brainwashing the students.

I know this is the third installment of this game series, but it is the first one out of the three (I will review the rest when I have completed them) that I purchased first and have managed to play all of the way through. I still need to get Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness.

Disgaea is a series of tactical-roleplaying games from Nippon Ichi Software. The games are quite fun, colorful, and actually do take a bit of strategy and pre-planning when it comes to play. The nice thing is the series doesn’t take itself seriously and has a lot of humor to it that makes the games fun. The first two games were released on the Playstation 2 (PS2), with the games in the main series up to number four.

There are a few spinoff games related to the series as well, one of which I wrote about here . Each are just as fun as the games in the main series.

The games are considered tactical-roleplaying games because the gameplay is from the top/birds-eye view. Instead of having the random encounters and battle systems like the traditional Japanese RPG video games, you move the characters you control around to perform attacks, magic, and healing during your turn. There are also attacks that can be performed by throwing blocks/barrels of corresponding color to trigger extra damage, as well as a combination attacks between multiple characters. 

The nice thing with the Disgaea series, at least on the Playstation 3 era, is that you pretty much get the whole game, and that any DLC/DRM is all secondary items that don’t affect the game while playing through the main storyline. Cannot say the same for most games and the content that is provided for download that really has no meaning whatsoever.

As I said I really like that these games are quite colorful, especially when you tend to burn out from the various first-person shooter games that are pretty much shades of grey, brown, green, and blue (depending on the genre they are in). They add a bit of a challenge with trying to figure out certain tactics and strategy for overcoming the opposition in the game. This isn’t to say that the game is supremely difficult to play, but I also think that it isn’t directed towards one particular age group. The innuendos on the other hand might be over a lot of younger players heads though.

It is also fun when you get to make new characters and monsters to add to your team/group. Plus a few of the characters from the spin-offs are also available as DLC, but you don’t get to utilize them until after you have completed the main storyline. Still pretty cool. 

The various characters, their personalities, and their humor made Disgaea 3 quite fun. Even the games over-the-top and ridiculous humor does give it quite a bit of charm. Yeah, it is a bit cartoony but I think that just adds to the game’s appeal.

The verdict through all of this psychobabble is that I really enjoyed this game quite a bit. I love the awesomely quirky and funny characters, as well as the gameplay. It was also a nice example of how downloadable content for video games is done right. Cannot wait to finish the other games in the series that I have, as well as picking up the ones I do not have yet.

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Lotte Sand Biscuit Rock

Lotte Sand Biscuit Rock

Lotte Sand Biscuit Rock

One of my plunders from the Korean grocery store from my previous entry about trying the Bungeoppang is a box of Lotte cookies. The label on the back of the box in English read “Lotte Sand Biscuit Rock”, so if I have the name of this product incorrect you can blame the person who made the label on the back of the box. 

The “Rock” Sand Biscuits are mint-flavored line of cookies from the Lotte Confectionary company, whom I have actually enjoyed their chocolates quite a bit before. I have seen these cookies labeled as Oreos knock-offs, but to be honest these cookies do not give you that feeling like you are chewing on deep-fried cardboard that tastes like chocolate. To be honest I would probably compare them to the mighty Hydrox (which Oreos are a knock-off of), although a bit sweeter, but miles better than Oreos.

The weird thing is when I was trying to find an image to use for my write-up I couldn’t find one on their website, so I had to take a picture of the box. Although as of this writing they magically put in an entry recently.

Keep in mind, this is my opinion (not a review).

I really enjoyed these quite a bit, although you aren’t going to get as many in the package above as you would in a package of Hydrox. It is a good substitute especially if you don’t feel like eating an entire pack of Hydrox. Although if mint isn’t your thing they do have other variations.

Very awesome!

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Farscape SM


John Crichton is conducting a test flight of his space module that he has worked years on with IASA. When he is suddenly sucked in through a wormhole to another space and time. He then ends up on a prison ship with a rag tag of alien misfits, and an epic adventure awaits him.

Eh! It’s cheesy, but it works.

I always feel I have to justify myself when it comes to writing about certain things that I get the enjoyment of watching that has a fandom behind it. Which I cannot help, because I don’t want people to tell me I am wrong for expressing my opinion about what I like or do not like about something. I have also said on numerous occasions that what I write on this blog is not a review but an expression as to why I like something. Even if I write about the things that I did not like about it. To me a review is completely unbiased, where Words From The Heretic is complete bias as I am expressing my pleasure for liking a whole bunch of things. Which I think you will conclude before even reading the rest of this.

So did I enjoy Farscape?

By all means yes!

I actually took a blind stab with this series while searching for Sci-Fi series on Netflix to watch as I had already caught up on the current Doctor Who (Smith era), Battlestar Galactica (current one), Red Dwarf (all of the classic episodes), Sliders (never had a chance to finish the series when it carried over to Sci-Fi), basically anything that is not Star Trek. I love Space Operas, but I just cannot get into Star Trek.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this series, I just know when I was trying to choose something to watch next it was between Farscape and Babylon 5. As I have never seen either show prior. Since Netflix didn’t have the latter on streaming (that is the subscription we have) I went with Farscape. 

Initial Impression

I really dug that the series has a diversity that can pretty much allow anyone to get in to the series. Not so much the type of alien creatures, but the fact that you have a balance of male and female characters. As well as a lot of other things it was bold enough to touch on. I’m not saying that this is the only show to ever have done this, but I did like it’s approach.

I liked that each character to shine in their own respective way and that everyone has a hand in the bigger picture of the whole, and not just have the show focus on or two characters. Although that becomes the case later in the show, but I do like how all of the characters leading up to that point have a hand in it and aren’t subject to just only a minor influence or just the “support”.

I also started getting a nagging feeling like I had seen this before or that it was familiar in a way. Not so much the story, the look of the show, or that it was a complete copy of something else. More like it had a similarity to a certain degree. My “Aha!” moment for that came when the Chiana character first appeared on the series, but I will divulge on that further down.

This show is very aware of itself, even down to name-checking every one of the tropes it is utilizing in spots.

Favorite Characters

KD Farscape





 D’Argo: Very headstrong, stubborn, and strong willed. He does come off a bit brash and tough, but has a heart of gold when you manage to gain his respect and trust. Definitely the guy who has your back when the chips are down. He definitely is one of my favorite characters because I can relate to D’Argo being quite stubborn and headstrong as well. Although given his background you can’t help but feel for the guy. I also liked when he pointed out how humans manage to treat each other.


Zhaan Farscape






Zhaan: I think what makes Zhaan my favorite out of the female characters is the spiritual, pacifist disposition with a dark past. A blue, zen spiritualist who kicks ass and is a plant. For me it was a bit of a bummer when the character died, but after reading about the circumstances the actress went through with the makeup I can understand. Either way I still think she is awesome.


Pilot Farscape

Pilot: It is hard not to like Pilot. You can’t help but feel for the guy given his background for how he came to be on Moya, along with the fact that he is the only one of the crew who pretty much has to remain in the same place unless disconnected, and therefore would lose his life. He also gets screwed over a couple of times in the worst ways imaginable. He is also the most childlike of the entire crew, but that doesn’t mean he is utterly naive.

1812 DRD

1812: I really don’t need to explain this do I? We did remember I am a musician.


Characters I Want To Place In The Airlock

Please keep in mind; this does not take away from these actors/actresses talents or abilities, nor does it reflect on their characters appearance. I am only stating that I do not like their given characters for the show and why.

Jool Farscape






Jool: I am sorry I just couldn’t dig Jool. I think I just had trouble with the moments where it would seem like the writers weren’t exactly sure what direction her attitude was to take. Yeah, I looked up the description of her character and background, but it didn’t fit with what was being portrayed on the screen. Yeah, she had good and bad moments like all of the other characters in the show, but the more confusing ones would come through.

Sikozu Farscape






Sikozu: Here is my imitation of this particular character; “They took my arms and they threw them over there! They tore my legs off and threw them over there!”. I just really couldn’t gel with this character.

Does my opinion diminish these characters roles in the overall story of Farscape? Not really. In all honest you have to have characters you do not like otherwise it wouldn’t be a good show. It would basically be the same dribble show where every character has to conform to something so as to have EVERYONE like them, and the only characters you didn’t like were the faceless extras that no one would really pay attention to or care about. Plus it falls into that subject of “something for everyone” comment that I said before.

I was going to include Noranti, but seeing as putting her in the airlock would be utterly pointless. I stuck with these two.

The Nagging Feeling

As I said before when I started watching this show I had this nagging feeling tugging at my psyche. Like I had seen this show. Or at least it seemed a bit familiar, but I just couldn’t place my finger on it. 

That is!

Until Chiana showed up in the first season. Especially how she walked, talked, and did that slinky move. She reminded me of a combination of two characters I know quite well. This when I had my “Aha!” moment.

Want to know what it is?

Of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading this far down.

Farscape reminded me of this show;

Outlaw Star Logo

It reminded me of Outlaw Star. No, not so much in the plot, story arcs, but maybe a bit of a mirror between characters. 

Although Chiana seems like a combination of a character from Outlaw Star and one other from another show I will get to her first.

Aisha Outlaw Star

What would happen if you take Aisha Clan-Clan (above) a Ctarl-Ctarl (cat-like being) from Outlaw Star and remove her cat ears, cat bell, super human strength, and make her shorter and skinnier?

Then you threw her in a blender with this next character,

Ed Cowboy Bebop

 For those of you who aren’t in to Japanese animation (Anime for short) this is Ed from the show Cowboy Bebop. Ed is the super slinky, flexible, super hacker girl of the show. Trust me! She is all kinds of awesome!

Now remove Ed’s super hacker abilities, keep her super slinky flexibility and a small amount of her childlike demeanor (Just a pinch!). Toss her in our metaphorical blender, mix in sexual uninhibited freedom and hit frappe.

And you get!

Chiana Farscape

Don’t believe me? 

Ok! Depending on your age; either ask your teen to college age kids or their friends to watch their copies of both of these shows that I just mentioned (if they have them), or head over to Amazon or used media store/outlet and grab a copy of each of these shows. Or if you still own a copy of both shows, just rummage through your old storage, basement, attic, boxes.

I’ll wait here! Don’t worry, this post will still be here when you get back.

From Chiana’s swagger to how she walks she is pretty much Ed from Cowboy Bebop in this respect. She even does the Anime leaping tackle of love when she sees John in one episode. She even talks like Aisha and has a similar hairdo. Hell! Her and the English voice-actress for Aisha sound pretty damn similar (Couldn’t be that both are from the same country). Even her “Shaa!/Chaaa!” verbal tic is pretty much like Aisha. There are some moments she talks like Ed too, but it is more like Aisha as I have said.

Want another one?

We’ll stick with strictly Outlaw Star for this particular one.

Gilliam Outlaw Star

This delightfully decorated sentient A.I. is Gilliam II. He is pretty much the XGP (that is the name of the ship) crew’s companion and maintenance crew. He might also be the inspiration for the DRD’s, although not as sleek as him.We’ll pretty much take everything about him and toss him in our now cleaned up blender.

Melfina Outlaw Star

This is Melfina. She is a biological android, and the XGP’s navigator/battery. She’s the GPS. Pretty much without her the ship goes nowhere. Now let’s place her with Gilliam the II in our metaphoric blender, but we’ll leave out her sex. 

Did you make sure to add ice and hit frappe?

And who do we get?

Pilot Farscape

Pilot! Pilot is pretty much a combination of Melfina and Gilliam II, although he is permanently fused to Moya (like Gilliam II) and is pretty much alive (unlike either). Although he can be temperamental he does display kindness like Melfina to a degree.

I could go on for hours with this stuff. Like how John is pretty much like Gene Starwind, or how Aeryn is like Hilda, how Zhaan is kind of like Suzuka. 

While I am on the subject of Outlaw Star; would it be too much to ask Joss Whedon to admit to also ripping off the show a bit? Especially this,

Melfina River Box

Now some of you more Anime savvy readers and folks might be asking me;

Fred Outlaw Star

“The Heretic! What about Fred Luo the weapons merchant from Outlaw Star? Who on Farscape could possibly be like him?”

Furlow Farscape

I think I am going to have to answer with Furlow. Although a bit the opposite of Fred in some respects, and probably possesses far less scruples.

As I have stated I really enjoyed the show. The only thing I really didn’t like was the over-the-top goofiness when the show splits up the crew with the two Crichtons. To me the show already had a good enough amount of humor without having to amp it up.

I would’ve expanded on more of what I liked and didn’t like, but seeing as this post is already as long as it is I really do not want to bore anyone. Plus the stuff I didn’t like as you can see is pretty minimal.

Am I a fan? Not really…

Although now that I say that…

I guess I better hide those plans for a Moya custom guitar with DRD’s as inlays (1812 marking the twelfth fret, or the pickups done up as them) that I hope to have built someday before I incriminate myself further.

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