The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular XI: Monsters Inc.

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome back! 

I have been watching the pile of movies that I have for this series becoming smaller as we get closer and closer to Halloween. Kind of like waiting for the ball to drop on New Years, but something I feel is a little more fun.

Hopefully you are all ready for another post of Halloween, movie-watching fun. 

For today’s post I have something extra spooky for you all. 

It is so scary I can barely bring myself to talk about.


You got me!

Here you go…

Monsters INC 2001

Monsters, INC.

Two friends who work at a local factory allow something to escape and cause panic amongst the general populace. Now they must send it back or doom the rest of all monsterkind. 

I figured with the scarier entries I would balance everything out with something that everyone can enjoy. Not just the adults, or the stuff that we’ve seen as children that were basically nightmare fuel. Plus, in all honesty, this movie is a lot of fun to watch. Easily one of my favorites out of Pixar’s filmography. 

What surprises me is that even though I own this movie I haven’t done a post about it. Especially since it is one of my favorite Pixar films. Odd really!

What can I possibly say that hasn’t been written a million times by others who love this movie as much as myself. 

It is just that bit of childhood fun that most of us adults can appreciate as well everyone who has seen this movie. Plus Halloween isn’t just about the scary stuff, but the fun as well. You can tell adult still enjoy the holiday as much as children, because how much of us still dress up in whatever costumes we either purchase or make. We still have that urge to want to go out Trick-Or-Treating, but just don’t want to be shouted at over it. Ha! Ha!

Like I already said; I love this movie. It is one of the many current films that makes me feel like a kid again, just like the many films that I enjoyed during my youth. Plus it is just enjoyable to watch over and over.

My favorite scene definitely has to be when Sully, Mike, and Boo are riding on the doors on the rails. It is easily one of my favorite chase scenes, so to speak. 

I wish I had a lot more to say to show my appreciation for this movie, but I just cannot get it to come out.

Eight more days to go!

Until tomorrow! 

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part X: Kaidan

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome back as we delve into another film in my personal collection of movies. As I mentioned when I first started this (Or I think I did. If not, oh well!), I am re-watching the films from my collection without resorting to streaming. In a way this is something for me to be productive and have some fun.

We have ten more more days to go until Halloween. I have an epic ending to this series in the plans, hopefully it turns out good.

This time around I have chosen a movie that has to do with love, vengeance, murder, debts. Just not in that order.

So I give you the chilling…



Shinkichi’s father was a massive dickhead, when a man he owed money to came to pick up the tab instead of paying him he decided to kill him. After killing the man he was in debt to he went mad, killed his wife, and then himself. Leaving only Shinkichi to live on to be taken care of by his uncle. Unfortunately because of his father’s shitty way of paying his debt Shinkichi is cursed by the vengeful spirit of the dead man. Unfortunately for him the snowball of tragedy and horror begins with the first woman he falls in love with, who just happens to be one of the daughters of the dead man. 

I recently learned that this film is actually based off of a 19th century story, which was first adapted to film in 1957. It is a very unique story, especially when it comes to the whole tragic, love story, vengeance, ghost story kind of thing. Although it slightly reminds me of another Japanese ghost story that I have read about a few times.

I guess if I were to compare this movie’s story to something that people might know I would probably say it kind has a resemblance to the play “Medea”. Although it is very different, but the overall point is about the same.

One thing that I think is cool is that the film is done like a Japanese ghost theatre production. Or at least it starts that way. Yeah, CGI was used, but not so much in the backgrounds or foregrounds that I saw in this film. So it was nice to see that the set design and visuals weren’t overwhelmed by something computer generated.

This film is definitely a tragedy type of ghost story and has some rather macabre moments. It is just a very cool, haunting, and profound watch. I love the story quite a bit, even if there are moments in some scenes where certain characters convictions don’t make too much sense. 

The only honest complaint I actually have is the subtitling. Like most foreign films that go through a larger American company it never fails that whoever subtitles these films are either completely inept or just lazy. One scene had a mother singing to her baby and instead of translating the actual words for the song she is singing to the baby they translated it as “Rock-A-Bye-Baby”, as well as some other moments that contradicted the dialog that the actors were actually saying.

In a way this movie has a pretty sad story, even though it was completely the fault of the main character’s asshole father. But I guess everyone gets punished for something that they do not have a hand in. It is definitely eery in its own context.

If you do end up watching “Kaidan” make sure you have some time to spare. It is slow paced, but is really worth the watch. There isn’t a secret reveal or anything like that, the story is pretty straight forward. Although like a lot of Japanese folklore and ghost stories it does have its underlying lesson. I would say it is a good couples type of horror movie, but I honestly wouldn’t know. So you might have to take a stab at it.

One thing I kind of wish with a lot of these films I wish I could find a drive-in that would play them. To me that would be really cool, even if I only was able to do it for the final portion of this series. 

Have a great week!


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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part IX: The Maid

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome to another post in my “Goof & Spook Film Spectacular” series. 

For today I have two posts since I decided to take a break yesterday. Just wanted a little bit of some me time like most people. 

But today I am back, ready and have more of my favorite films in my collection that I have been delighted to share with everyone. 

Hopefully you are in the mood for something a bit spooky and on the spirit side of the horror spectrum.

The Maid

The Maid

A young girl from the Philippines is hired by a Chinese couple in Singapore as their housekeeper. But there is a very dark secret that the couple is hiding when the young girl arrives smack in the middle of the Chinese Seventh Month, as well as more that the couple fail to explain to young woman.

This movie is fantastic! The film’s cover does not do it one iota of justice. As the image above really doesn’t look like anything related to the movie. 

There are some nuances that you might have to acquaint yourself with when it comes to this movie. Especially since there a lot of very subtle hints that dropped early on that would be over your head if you aren’t too familiar that you might not give a second thought. Although you will realize what is underneath everything as you progress towards the end of the film.

There are some moments character-wise that don’t make sense. Like when the couple get angry that the maid doesn’t know the specifics and details of the ghostly thirty-days. How do you expect someone to know what to do and not do when you don’t bother to inform them when you first hire them.

Another thing that I felt really made the film seem a bit odd was a lot of the sound effects that really do not fit over certain objects. Like one scene that has a creaking metal gate noise place on the wooden doors of a wardrobe. 

Outside of that I cannot really complain as I enjoy this film quite a bit. If you are definitely into ghost stories and folklore type of things in your horror movies, then this is the movie for you. 

Pacing is a bit slow, but not super, trudging through thick mud kind of slow. It is definitely worth it when you get to the film’s reveal.

One thing you might want to make sure to do if you ever watch this film is to make sure the subtitles are on. Even though the movie is predominantly in English there are moments that are crucial to the story as well as the plot and what is going on. Especially since the beginning narration is not in English and is the setup for what is transpire later.

Unlike the tagline in the image above, this movie is nowhere close to either “The Sixth Sense” or “Ju-On”. It is a ghost story, yes, but it really doesn’t go about it in the same manner or execution as the aforementioned films. 

This is definitely one of those movies that will probably having you shouting at the screen during the more intense scenes.

It can also be a hair-raising experience if you watch this film completely in the dark.

Especially if you are by yourself. 

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part VIII: The Dark Crystal

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome back! Whoever…whatever you are!

For this next installment I hope you have your chocolate bars, candy corn, and whatever else you feel like munching on while reading these. As well as something to drink.

Hopefully you ate whatever meal you are supposed to have eaten before chomping down on whatever snacks you have at hand. I don’t want to be blamed for anyone eating their snacks over their proper meals. 

For today’s post I wanted to delve into a movie that I had seen at a drive-in (You adults remember those I hope!).

Let’s take trip through the realm of…

The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

It is hard to imagine that there are people who haven’t seen this movie, but in case you haven’t I will give a synopsis.

A young Gelfling must journey to retrieve a crystal shard to heal the Dark Crystal and make it whole again and restore the almost depleted world. Figuring he is the last of his kind, as they have been persecuted by the evil Skeksis, he meets another Gelfling who helps him along with his quest.

There! Vague, probably not completely accurate, but doesn’t give away too much of the story.

I hope!

This will probably be another film that people question why I included it in my Halloween “Goof & Spook Film Spectacular”, but for those of you who have seen this movie, as well as taken a good glimpse at the Skeksis you pretty much know why. Although you might have to explain to the uninitiated.

The one thing that always creeped me out with this movie was the Skeksis. A race so monstrously callous, egotistical, arrogant, and a million other adjectives that can describe their horrendous nature and how it twisted and turned them into the way they look and act. Although the Chamberlain creeps me out the most with that whimpering noise he makes. 

I don’t know how they came up with it or what inspired it, but I like how the Skeksis and the Mystics have their fates intertwined. Like when something happens to one it happens to the other. It just makes the movie cool to me.

“The Dark Crystal” is a movie I have a very deep love for. It was one of the many movies my parents took my sister and I to see at the drive-in. Yeah, it creeped me out quite a bit as a kid but that hasn’t deterred me from liking the film. 

As much as I like “Labyrinth” and “Mirror Mask” I have always felt that “The Dark Crystal” had a much more complex story and a richer background to its world. Unlike the later Jim Henson movies it actually gave quite a bit of the backgrounds of the world and its denizens from how the Skeksis and Mystics came to be to how the Gelflings and Thra’s other inhabitants came to be persecuted by the Skeksis. Through the narrator as well as the characters themselves.

I have always felt “The Dark Crystal” was a much darker film as well. Although I feel that most people tend to dismiss it because of Henson’s work with children’s programming and puppets in general, but I feel that kind of thought gives this film a bit of a disservice. 

I do like that in the story it is Jen who must rejoin the crystal, but they didn’t go through that whole route of his reasoning to do so as “Because I am a man/male, and it is MY duty! It’s a place for man to go! etc.”. I like that there is a good balance between the two main characters, and that they accept each other’s company throughout the journey to get the quest done. 

I think it is cool that there isn’t much violence, if at all. The only time you ever see a weapon is at the beginning of the film when the Skeksis are deciding who will become emperor. It kind of gives everything a different dynamic rather than the normal “fight to death”. Not to say I do not like that in a story if it is there, but it is nice to have something come along and change things up a bit.

My favorite character, even though everyone will probably say Jen or Kira, is Aughra. To me she is just ballsy. I like when the Garthim captures her, brings her before the Skeksis, and she just tells them off.  

I know there is supposed to be a table-top roleplaying game in the works based off of “The Dark Crystal”, but last I read it was still in development hell. Just like the supposed movie sequel that has yet to be made. 

Oh well! Here is to hoping, at least we still have this movie to enjoy and talk about.

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part VII: Re-Cycle

WFTH GS FS Finished

It’s so nice to have you join me once again for another “Goof & Spook Film Spectacular” post. 

As I mentioned before because I do not own a copy of the first “Eye” movie I won’t go over the trilogy until I have the first film of the original trilogy. Which is why I went with this particular Pang Brothers film. 

This one definitely fits with the theme of these series of posts especially since, like the “Eye” films, goes into the spiritual realm of things so to speak. Even if it isn’t super gore-soaked or completely horrific. 

I bring you…

Re Cycle


A novelist is just beginning work on her next book while her publisher throws a publicity arrangement to announce the new novel as well as a movie being made based off of one of the author’s previous books. A lot of weird things begin to happen while she sits down to write her book and somehow ends up in another realm.

The best way I could think to describe this movie is take everything you love about “Wizard Of Oz”, “Alice In Wonderland”, “Labyrinth”, “Mirror Mask”, and “Spirited Away”, as well as some other Ghibli and other animated films. Mix them together and give them to the Pang Brothers to sort out and create their take on the various points and themes of what they include. Not so much that “Re-Cycle” regurgitates frame by frame each of these parts and scenes from these films and books, but takes whatever it is that makes you enjoy them.

There is a couple of scenes that are like “The Never Ending Story” and “Spirited Away” but the context is quite different. Although the movie does share the whole “spiritual realm” concept like “Spirited Away” it is nowhere near as shiny as the Ghibli film, rather it is pretty dark in its approach although a bit bright in its grey look. It has CGI, but it isn’t too the point where it is completely in the foreground or overtakes the movie.

This movie starts out very mundane but isn’t utilizing the mundane beginning as complete filler until it leads up to its more epic moments. The movie does reward you if you manage to stick with through the entirety of the film, especially when a lot of the underlying realities of the plot come to fruition throughout the movie. 

The movie deals with the overall theme of abandonment while the main character traverses through a spiritual world of abandoned ideas, thoughts, objects, people, etc. It does give it a rather profound voice to its story that I think a lot of people (mostly adults) can relate to. As much as the film is described as a “cuddly movie” I feel children won’t quite grasp the points that movie is trying to get crossed, but it is something they can watch. 

“Re-Cycle” does touch on the subject of abortion but not to the point where it is trying to make a political statement that it is trying to beat over everyone’s collective heads. It actually has more to do with the main character and the convictions she has chosen in her past and how it relates to what she is experiencing in the spiritual realm.

It definitely has one of those endings where it makes you go “WHOA!” when it comes up. A bit of a twist on the whole “Book End” trope.

Some might be questioning why I included this film in this series of posts, or anything for that to do with Halloween. To be honest I feel it completely fits the theme. It takes place in a spiritual realm, it isn’t a completely happy story, and definitely has a rather grim theme to the story as I’ve said before. 

I regard this film very highly amongst the films and books that I mentioned above. I feel it is definitely worth the watch. To me it is one of the many gems in my collection.

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part VI: Ghostbusters

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome again! 

Hopefully everyone is enjoying these posts. As for whether or not anyone actually is I honestly couldn’t tell you.

 I will be publishing two posts back to back to make up for not having a post up yesterday because of upgrading my Macbook to Yosemite (I liked it better when they named them after felines. I feel like I should be either doing Yosemite Sam or Yogi Bear imitations). Basically as a make up and thank you for being patient with me. 

This time around I went with an 1980’s classic (Obviously!). 

Although this will be a rather brief post.

So have your popcorn balls at hand and something to drink as we dive into..

GB 1984


Venkman: “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!”

Let’s face it! There is really no need to do a synopsis for this movie. 

One of the many comedy films that I rely on for a quick fix of funny as well as lines that have been regurgitated from fan to fan of this film. I remember seeing this one in the theater with my family when I was kid, I loved it that first moment I saw it and I still love it now. Although since I’ve seen the movie so many times it does feel like it just blazes through because how familiar with the scenes and the various memorable dialogue that a lot of us love to repeat (like the one above). 

It is kind of weird to learn years later that this movie was intended to also star John Belushi. I do wonder how much different it would have been had he still been alive at the time. 

One thing I do have to admit is that I am not too fond of is the sequel. Even though I’ve seen it in the theater like the first one, it just didn’t resonate with me for some reason. It just felt a little too pretentious for me. 

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about this movie that hasn’t already been said. It is sad since Harold Ramis passed away at the beginning of this year, especially when the announcement of a new “Ghostbusters” film is in the works and I wonder whether or not he had a hand in any of the writing for the upcoming movie. It is cool to learn that this time around it will be an all female cast, but I do hope it manages to deliver the funny like the first film.

Favorite scenes in the movie are when the Ghostbusters are climbing the massive stairwell towards the end and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Although some rather quirky moments was spotting Ron Jeremy as an extra in one scene and the large, chunk of concrete that falls off of the building towards the end only to bounce off of the blue, wooden police barricade instead of smashing through it and the ground. 

Speaking of Ghostbusters!

Funko Pop released a series of figures based off of the characters from the movie. The most awesome looking one is this guy…

61kEJQxcmXL SL1500

For some reason he doesn’t seem so threatening when he looks this cute!

Until next time!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part V: Save The Green Planet!

WFTH GS FS Finished

Alrighty! Time for another full-on post in my Halloween series! 

This time around I decided take the sci-fi route. Going with something little quirky, a little odd, and a little bit on the strange side.

It has abductions, torture, investigations, alien conspiracies, wild accusations, and a high wire act.

I shit you not!

It actually has a high wire act! 

And before you ask without having reading the heading; No! It is not “Plan 9 From Outerspace”. I don’t own a copy of that film let alone have had the opportunity to have seen it.

I was going to do John Carpenter’s “They Live” (I’m here to kickass and chew bubblegum! And I’m all out of bubblegum!), but since this series of posts is about the movies I physically own I cannot do “They Live” since I do not own a copy (Yet!).

Without further delay I give you…

SVGP 2003

Save The Green Planet!

Before I get to the synopsis, I have to admit that I am so grounded. How did I forget to write about this one? And it is one of my many favorites to come out of South Korea! The reason I watch so much South Korean films (Although the honor for the gateway to South Korean media goes to Dae Jang Geum. AKA Jewel In The Palace) before I even touched the mighty Vengeance Trilogy, which I also forgot to write about (I seriously searched my own blog)! I am seriously grounding myself!

Heretic! Go to your…

Oh wait! Ummm……..nevermind!

On to the synopsis.

A bee-keeper (Just stick with me on this!) kidnaps his former boss with the help of his girlfriend, believing that the company head is an alien sent down to destroy mankind.

There is a reason I did the synopsis this way. I really do not want to ruin it for anyone who has not seen it.

You know you are definitely in for one hell of a ride when a movie starts with a spoken line,

“You probably think I’m crazy.”

And then segues into the title sequence with a punk rock version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Although the song tends to be a leitmotif later on in the movie.

“Save The Green Planet!” is part comedy, part thriller, part horror, and part sci-fi. Although it might take a few watchings to understand a bit of the humor once you understand the nuances the movie utilizes. You could have someone explain it to you, but you would be better off watching it a few times get accustomed to its mannerisms. It is like when a friend is messing with you by telling you something completely outlandish with a serious face in front of you, but must try to contain their laughter when you look away. That isn’t to say that the movie is total comedy all of the way through. Although the cover above is very deceiving.

You aren’t hit completely with movie’s science fiction theme until later in the movie, but it definitely works to the film’s advantage. Especially when the plot’s overall truth is inevitably revealed. But if the alien conspiracy folks might ever be right about the whole “aliens living and walking among us” it might be a good idea, after seeing this movie, to not even bother with kidnapping, torturing, and interrogating them, especially with how this particular movie ends. Just a thought.

This movie is just so out there! I love it! I’ve seen some pretty brutal torture scenes in a lot of films, horror and otherwise, but as for sheer insanity this movie wins hands down. It definitely keeps you on your toes, especially the scene where the antagonist prepares a certain torture device that will make it very uncomfortable to sit down for a long while. 

Besides the very intense horror/thriller moments of the movie there are some rather soft and pretty sad moments too, especially when the things that have been hiding on the surface are finally revealed. I have actually touched a bit on this in other posts when it comes to South Korea’s approach to most comedies, but also extends to their horror and thriller movies. You aren’t really going to find a complete sociopath without some underlying reason for why he kills. Also like the other South Korean films in the same genre, they do have a bit of the grit and feel of the old 1980’s (maybe earlier too) movies, even if they are a bit more modern, which I feel current Hollywood has been completely lacking. Even if there is CGI is kept to a minimum, provided a movie has any.

The character I feel bad for the most in “Save The Green Planet!” is the antagonist’s girlfriend. She pretty much gets the shit end of the stick.

The movie definitely has an underlying pessimistic point of view about humanity. It is a very strong and poignant message the film has, but not one that is revealed right away nor completely tries to beat you over the head with. 

Just don’t stand next to Earth, he seems to have acquired a taste for ground human.

You know that scene in “Beetlejuice” when Michael Keaton says “I’ve seen ‘The Exorcist” about 167 times! AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY TIME I SEE IT!”? That is pretty much how I feel about “Save The Green Planet!” and how much I like the movie. Although I have a movie that is much weirder than this one, but that is reserved for later down the road in this series. 

So that is all for this post. Hopefully whoever is reading these are enjoying them.

Laters all!

By the way!

Hey South Korea! 

Is there any way I could get one of those awesome hats from the movie? They kick ass! I can make the rest of the costume myself.

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