The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part XX: Whispering Corridors Trilogy

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome back boys and ghouls! 

Halloween is finally here! It is time to celebrate all things ghastly, spooky, ghostly, and scary!

For today’s and the final post in this series I have chosen to do one of my favorite South Korean Horror trilogies!

To anyone who has stayed with me while I have been releasing these I thank you!

I know a lot of you have been wondering why I went with the movies that I chose for this series, because there is quite a bit that a lot of people might not have heard of. The reason for this is pretty simple; they are what I have in my collection and they are films that I enjoy. I also went with them because I wanted to do something as differently as possible. Rather than go over the same movies that a lot of others post about, I wanted to try to keep this as different and unique as I possibly can get. 

So without further adieu I give you..


For this I decided to go with the original trilogy of films since they are the ones that I physically own, and I do not own the other two films in the series yet. Who knows? Maybe next year I might have them and then add them to next year’s series.

What you have to understand with these movies is that at the time the first one was released a lot of South Korea’s taboos and restrictions were being lifted that was censored before then. So the movies pretty much touch on those taboos from when they were first being lifted. If you are familiar with the Japanese sub-genre of Horror set in a school, you might dig these.

So let’s get things underway!

Whispering Corridors 1

Whispering Corridors

A woman returns to teach at the girls school that she once attended as a student nine years ago right after a homeroom teacher has committed suicide, or so the consensus of the school staff is concerned. She begins to piece together the more chilling things that go on alongside some spooky revelations.

Not sure if that synopsis does any justice, but it is the best STAB I can get at summing up this movie.

If you are looking for a full-on ghostly experience, or to be hit with anything supernatural or monstrous throughout the movie you will pretty disappointed. “Whispering Corridors” is another movie that more going on underneath the surface of the story that might have you guessing until the climax of the movie. 

To me the movie takes a different direction with the whole ghost story/haunting theme. Where maybe it isn’t so much the ghost that is the monster but a few of the horrible aspects of the human experience from a female point of view while at a girl school. It also touches upon the one common thing that we all yearn for as humans. It is very different in its approach than what you might be accustomed to with these types of horror movies. 

It doesn’t reveal the ghost right away, but doesn’t set to task of trying to force you to guess either. It is the realization towards the climax that gives you the answer without making you feel dumb even if you did guess and got it wrong. Especially given the circumstances surrounding what is going on in the plot.

It does touch upon a lot of themes that were once taboo in South Korea before the film was made. From authoritarianism, gay relationship from a young female perspective. There are things that will make you angry towards a few of the character, but you will be justified in your anger. 

Some of the circumstances that happen in the movie make me glad I am not a parent, especially if I had a daughter attending a school like the one in the film, because there would be a line of burned down schools with some severely bruised teachers.

Again, not super spooky, but to me it is a very awesome movie. It has a lot to say, but it makes you think which is what I like a lot about this movie. 

On to our next feature!

By the way!

I do hope you have your popcorn and drinks ready!

Whispering Corridors 2

Memento Mori (Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori)

You should be careful about whose personal belongings you find and decide to go through. Especially if a particular belonging is diary that is between two people and what they share. And you might want to immediately give it back if one of them decides to commit suicide by jumping from the building of your school.

“Memento Mori” follows the same themes as the previous movie, but adds things like; strained relationship, unprofessional behavior between teacher and student, people’s perceptions of you, and more. It is also a bit sadder in tone because of the personal relationships that are involved with the characters this time, and the outcome in the beginning of the movie. Although pushing a little further on the subject of a gay relationship. It tries to stay true and real with its subject without giving in to the temptation turning everything into a fantasy. 

The scary you might be wondering about?

The scary revolves around the person who finds the diary and how it begins to affect them and their behavior, as well as what they start seeing. As well as what the things they experience while going through their stuff and following them around. It also has to do with how the main characters were treated by many of the other characters, and maybe how superficial the sentiment they are putting up for the person who has died.

It is pretty scary, when you think about, when you are seeing things from a dead person’s perspective when they were alive. Experiencing the horrible things they have gone through, the way people make you feel, etc.

Whispering Corridors 3

Wishing Stairs (Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs)

You should be careful what you wish for, because along with whatever you wish for your true underlying ambitions may come to reality as well. Especially when you are dealing with fox spirits to grant them for you instead of taking the road of working it out yourself.

This time around the setting takes place in a girls art/music institute where they are housed in a dormitory. Like the second film in the series there is three main characters that are focus. Two of which have ambitions to be ballerinas and attend a Russian ballet school, and one who wishes to be thin and be accepted. The film also explores three girls within the social order of the school, so to speak.

The themes from the previous movies takes a backseat this time around, focusing more on personal ambitions, infatuations, and drive. Although this time around the creepy and insanity factors are ramped up by the second half of the movie. 

The one character that I feel a bit sad for is Hye-Ju, but I also wished the film would have explored a bit of the circumstances surrounding her personality. Also explore a bit more of why she is the way she is.

It is a little hard to choose a favorite or notable scene in the previous installments in this series because of how they handle the specifics of their respective themes. This time around there are definitely some pretty damn creepy scenes. The one that sticks out the most is the student who gets the unexpected pleasure of being murdered and then made part of her own art final.

For those of you who own “Black Swan” this is one of the other movies that was ripped off for some scenes besides “Perfect Blue”.


So there you have it! 

My “Goof & Spook Film Spectacular”! 

I hope you all enjoyed all twenty of these entries and thank you for letting me know what you think of each of the films and commenting.

I hope you all have a great Halloween night, enjoy your various forms of fun, and stay safe!

And if you are at a bar please, for fuck’s sake, tip your waiter/waitress!

I am The Heretic!

It was a pleasure!

Heretic Halloween2

A big thank you to my brother-in-law and sister for taking this pic for me!

Happy Halloween!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part XIX: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

WFTH GS FS Finished

One more day to get our Halloween groove on!

We’re almost at the end of my “Goof & Spook Film Spectacular”!

I’m sure some of you are glad of that this is coming to end, but personally I don’t give a fuck!

You’re not spoiling my fun!

For today I bring you one more Halloween goody for the kids, and then tomorrow is my ultimate revenge!


Prepare yourselves for…


Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Wallace and Gromit’s current venture, “Anti-Pesto” (Get it?!), is keeping various rodents, as well as those veggie eating rabbits, out of everyone’s vegetable gardens before the town’s big vegetable competition at Tottington Hall. After being called to humanely rid the Totting grounds of their rabbit infestation, things start hopping towards the strange.

Just curious, am I the only person Stateside that caught the “Watership Down” reference early on in the movie? No one in the theater got it when I saw this with my nephew.  

Everything that we all love about Wallace & Gromit is here in this big, feature length film. The jokes, the visual gags, the puns, and a small amount of innuendos. Although I think a small amount of us were hoping that Wallace would finally get the love interest this time around. Unfortunately when the final short was released that hope was kind of dashed.

Oh well! At least he still has his cheese!

My favorite scenes are when the duo are trying to lure out the “Beast”, Wallace gets out when they are stopped. Gromit puts on the radio and it is playing “Bright Eyes”. When the constable takes off his hat, he’s a bit of a thumb. The almost literal “dogfight” scene, which was just as awesome as “A Close Shave”. And the scene where Victor falls off of the roof of Tottington Hall to be caught on the weather vane, while the vicar shouts “BEWARE! THE MOON!”.

I love seeing the little newspaper bits with the funny names and puns. It is that bit of silliness that makes the film even more enjoyable with each watch because you keep looking for those small things.

I still enjoy watching this movie over and over. Not just for the stop-motion animation, but for the fact (at least for me) on the other side of the animation is the amount of work the audio engineers have to do to bring everything to life. From the sound effects, voice overs, soundtrack, etc. To me that is the most impressive thing about anything that is not a live action film. 

One thing that I have to admit is that seeing this on the big screen was completely awesome! After watching the shorts since the early 1990’s and then getting the enjoyment of seeing it all on the big screen was just cool. I still have my ticket-stub (I actually collect mine) from when we went.

I would’ve love to have watched this while eating some crackers and Wensleydale, but the bastards at Whole Foods stopped carrying the cheese. Since then, there has been no need for me to shop at that store.

Until tomorrow folks!

Have your costume, candy, and fun ready!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part XVIII: House (1977, Japan)

WFTH GS FS Finished

Here we are again!

Counting down until it is time for Halloween! 

Counting down for fun, thrills, suspense, horror, Trick or Treating, candy, parties, and whatever fun most of you are planning for the day.

Before we start I have to ask this question;

What do you get when a guy whose only experience directing is making product commercials decides that he is going to produce and direct a horror film, in the late seventies, while asking his young daughter at the time to describe the various things that frighten her then feeding those to his script writer?

Any takers? 

You get this!

House JPN

House (1977, Japan)

A mansion haunted by a woman who is waiting for her betrothed who was a pilot during WWII. Inviting young girls in just to devour them all so she can still wear her wedding dress. 

I seriously wish the above synopsis made this movie sound a lot more awesome than it really is. 

I have another question to ask!

Who at Toho (The house of “Godzilla”) lost a bet or had the unfortunate circumstance to owe someone a favor in order for this movie to be made? I’ve read about how they had trouble trying to get it made in the first place, produced a radio show, and then somehow got the green light for the film to be made. Although I think they either should have left it as a radio show or at least worked a little harder on the story.

Every scene looks like something out of either a commercial or print ad. A lot of glamour shot moments.

The actresses pretty much act as if they have only done a few commercials and then got their respective parts. Their scenes pretty much are a result of reaction shots, overacting, and the goofiest names for characters I have ever seen. 

Seriously the characters names are (by character personality): Gorgeous (Self-centered pretty one), Fantasy (The cute one), Prof (As in professor, the smart one), Kung-Fu (The tough..HAHAHAHA!…one), Melody (The musically inclined one), Sweet (The nice one), and Mac (As in Big Mac. The chubby one that everyone shits on because she eats. You always need a fucking Charlie Brown). Pretty much their characters are the basic, superficial stereotypes that movies love. 

You wouldn’t be able to pick up on the above synopsis until later in the film because the first half of the movie is spent on commercial shots that take the form of story development. It would have made the film a lot better and coherent had they actually worked on that detail a bit more with the movie.

A lot of the scenes and shots are a bit all over the place. It is as if it was the first time that the filming crew was able to use professional cameras, equipment, and editing tools, and decided to use and add everything they possibly could from their experience making commercials.

You could argue that: “Well it’s from Japan, and Japan is weird!”. But I think regardless of where it is from it would be weird as an end result. 

Does that make this movie a total atrocity? Not really, the way I may be going on and describing this film might seem pretty negative. It isn’t bad, but you can pretty much tell that this could have used a bit more work.

To me, the film feels as if Sid and Marty Krofft went on a total horror movie and acid bender, and decided to make their own horror movie, forgetting certain elements because they were just coming out of the hallucination coma while still trying to remember certain details they forgot to their idea. Then fed everything to a bunch of advertising writers and went from there.

It even has some rather chipper seventies induced songs in a couple of places during the movie and at the end. Seriously the song at the end is laughable because I cannot see how flowers and whatnot relate to the horror that was supposed to go on during this movie. But they are fun, and make the film fun, although in a really odd way.

It isn’t so much to bash this film, but to point out that it is pretty uneven and could a bit more coherent story development. I like it for the same reason everyone loves the first and second “Evil Dead” movies, their flaws. Except this one has a lot that instead of it being scary it is a bit more laughable than “Evil Dead”.

It’s just cheesy. Really! REALLY! Cheesy! 

It is fun to watch and have a laugh at a lot of the goofy and odd moments throughout the film. Even the film’s score and leitmotif really don’t help with giving the film a spooky atmosphere that it deserves.

There is only two ways you get exposed to this film: 1) Finding it in a list of horror films on YouTube (as I did), 2) Someone actually brings it over for a movie night and doesn’t tell anyone a damn thing about it (GUILTY!). This is THE WEIRDEST film I have in my collection. Seriously in the “weirdness” department this film trumps “Cannibal: The Musical”, “Evil Dead II”, “Re-Animator”, or anything else I have in my collection. This is the oddest film I have ever experienced.

Favorite scenes are when the first girl, Mac, goes missing and one of her friends pulls her severed head out of a well, thinking it is a watermelon. Watching a floating, severed head literally bite someone in the ass is quite funny. The girl who literally gets eaten by a piano. And definitely when the bottom half of the mansion gets filled with blood that was being firehose out of the walls (Years before “Evil Dead 2”). As well as many other scenes that would make you question what you are watching.

If you decide to grab a copy of this and want to make it part of a movie night with some friends I do have a suggestion. Don’t ever put this film dead last. Save that for the more awesome and coherent films because it is bad enough your friends are going to look at you as if you are ill when you play this for them (make sure not to tell any details of it), but they are going to not invite you back as if you were the kid who shit on someone’s birthday cake. 

Or if you do tell someone that you are bringing it over, make sure to let them what movie you are bringing over. Because they might assume that you are brining over the movie “House” from the eighties.

Either way if you dig really weirds, I do, definitely give this movie a go. It has a lot of flaws, but can be a lot of fun in the right context and when you are in the mood for it.

Until tomorrow folks!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part XVII: Evil Dead II

WFTH GS FS Finished

Well, we are getting closer to Halloween and the end of this series of posts. 

I really don’t know what to do for November as I really don’t have any plans set, although I have some rough ideas for December. 

For today’s post I will be spreading the madness and the horror. As well as having some laughs.

Get your chainsaws and shotguns ready for…

Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead II (AKA Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn)

Deadite: “I’ll swallow your soul! I’ll swallow your soul!”

Ash: “Swallow this!”

 I would give a brief synopsis, but in all honesty I do not know anyone who hasn’t seen “Evil Dead II”. Basically a remake of the first film, unlike that generic slasher (No! I will not stop mentioning it like that!) movie that parades as an “Evil Dead” remake. The musical has more of a right to call itself a remake.

But I digress!

What is not to love about “Evil Dead II”? It’s fun, funny, and you have showers of blood going everywhere. It is also the movie that sets up the sequel “Army Of Darkness”, which was made five years later. 

My favorite moments are always the over-the-top moments that make this movie hilarious. From Campbell as Ash completely losing his mind during many scenes, being hosed down in blood, chainsawing off his hand after it has become demonic. All sorts of good stuff.

Watching the scene where the group is trying to subdue the deadeye in the basement, and Ash drops the door on its head and then proceeds to jump on top of it until the deadeye’s eye pops out and lands in the mouth of the hillbilly girl. I nearly piss myself laughing every time.

I love how during one scene Bruce Campbell is covered in blood or some gore, but then in another shot he is cleaned up slightly. As if Ash had enough time between fighting the deadness and running to the bathroom to clean himself up. I also love that high-pitched scream he does when he is in the cellar with the corpse of the one girl’s mother. That scream alone makes me laugh until my gut hurts.

I especially like the moments during the scenes with the woman, whose parents own the cottage, comes back and the madness continues when her, her boyfriend and the hillbilly couple arrive at the cottage. I can’t help but laugh every time the main actress screams whenever something happens to her, because if you look carefully you can see she is trying to suppress a laugh or smile, or manages to do so while screaming. 

There are some mistakes made in the movie, but I think that is where it gets its charm. 

Although I do suspect that Pixar got the idea for their moving lamp from the laughing scene from this movie. As to whether there is any truth to that is anyone’s guess.

Until tomorrow! 

Prepare to open the gates!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part XVI: The Orphanage

WFTH GS FS Finished

I would have had this up earlier today, but applying for a job and turning in an application and resume took precedence over the fun stuff. But now that is all taken care of, and everything is in. It’s time for some fun!

For today’s entry I have a ghostly one for you. So grab your drinks, meal, snacks, candy, whatever it is normally have at this time. 

So allow me to introduce you to the creeptastic…

TO 2007

The Orphanage (El Orfanato)

Laura and her husband Carlos purchased and are renovating the large mansion that used to be the orphanage Laura used to be at when she was a child. Intending to turn it in to a house for sick children, giving their adopted son Simon some friends to play with instead of the imaginary friends he has. Although there is more to Simon’s imaginary friends than what the couple comprehends.

I know! Not a great synopsis! Oh well!

I do have to ask though, what crack was the advertising exec smoking to say this movie is anything like “Pan’s Labyrinth”? Don’t get me wrong, “Pan’s Labyrinth” is AWESOME! “The Orphanage” is AWESOME! But neither film are anything alike. Not by a long shot. This movie albeit has a rather dark story to tell, it definitely isn’t as dark as “Pan’s Labyrinth”.

I have watched this film quite a few times and I really cannot get enough of it. I have loved it from the first time I watched it to now. It just has a very captivating story that I fall in love with every watch. For as many times as I have watched it I still get surprised when clues are revealed and blown away by the later half of the movie.

This isn’t just your normal run-of-the-mill ghost story, there is much more than what is on the surface. Although you are going to want to have a box of tissues handy because it does manage to tug very strongly at the heartstrings. It is as haunting as it is sad (if that makes sense).

There is definitely a “Peter Pan” motif throughout the movie, but it doesn’t overtake the movie and try to beat the viewer over the head with it. It actually gives the story a bit of depth.

Although I think the husband is the most worthless person throughout the movie. There are some other things that kind of make no sense logically, but then you have to suspend that realism. Like how does anyone purchase a house, see the plans, and not know there is a basement? As well as many other common things. 

My favorite scenes are the “Knock On The Wall” (kind of like “Red Light, Green Light”) scene towards the end when Laura turns and sees the five ghosts. I also like the scene with the medium with the hair-raising voices of the children being recorded, the hair on the back of my neck always stands straight up during that scene. And definitely right before the end of the movie.

“The Orphanage” is one of my favorite ghost/haunting films that I own. As many times as I have seen the movie it still manages to give me shivers down my spine even if I am watching it during the day. There is just something to its haunting experience that resonates with me. 

“One! Two! Three! Knock on the wall!”

Four more days everyone!

Have your ghouls and goodies ready!!!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular Part XIV: Herbert West

WFTH GS FS Finished

All right! Let’s get to some blood-soaked fun today!

Have your fake blood ready, plastic over the furniture (or not if that is your thing), some popcorn, candy, and any other snacks for this entry.

So let’s dive right in today’s entry with…

Reanimator 1985


Dan is a medical student at Miskatonic University who rents out a room in his house to a medical genius who has just returned from Switzerland. Although Dan’s girlfriend has some apprehensions about renting out a room to the young genius, but like anything in the horror genre he never listens.

I am pretty sure H.P. Lovecraft fans immediately figured out what movie is in today’s entry just from the title of the post above. 

Since we are coming closer to Halloween I wanted to do something Lovecraft related, but something that is actually related to the author’s work rather that is more or less fan-fiction like “The Last Lovecraft: Relic Of Cthulhu”. Unfortunately the only film that I own is pretty much Re-Animator. 

You know you are in for a ride when a guy with a syringe full of glowing green fluid manages to bring the dead back to life, and then everything cocks up when some ambitious doctor wants to get his hands on the serum. 

I have to laugh every time I get to the scene where Dan and Herbert are in the morgue and they are going over which bodies are either not fresh enough, been dead too long, or just ripe. Especially the moments when Dan kind of questions Herbert’s motives and then immediately does a 180 and goes along with it, totally forgetting that he was against it in the first place. 

It is kind of like when you are watching somebody taking a magic marker, drawing on the face of someone who has fallen asleep. You begin to reprimand them for it, but then see they aren’t drawing something correctly or you change your mind and want in on the action. Your brain was against for two seconds, but fuck it, it is just too much fun to resist.

I also love how the security guard stands there while the mayhem in the morgue is going, carefully watching, gore flying everywhere, and then decides at the last minute to bail. Never to be seen again after that scene.

Great hospital security!

Although the talking detached head of the one doctor does help in the ridiculous creepy factor of the film. For some reason when his head is crushed and blood splatters everywhere I often wonder if maybe this movie could’ve been done like a Gallagher show in the theater. I’m sure in the eighties if they had done something like that there would be fake blood and vomit everywhere. But I think by today’s standard since everyone is quite familiar with the film it could be a lot of fun. Shit! You probably could GWAR in on the action. It would be like “Rocky Horror”, except much better and messier.

“Re-Animator” is my go to movie when I need my horror comedy fix when I need a break from “Evil Dead” (the real “Evil Dead”, not that generic slasher film that parades itself under the name). It’s the perfect blood-soaked fun just short of attending a GWAR show! Although a lot cleaner, or maybe not depending on how you go about setting up for your enjoyment of the film.

Now if someone could properly do a Cthulhu film instead of the goofy, comedy films. An actual bonafide, series film. Too bad Lionsgate completely fucked that up. 

Until tomorrow folks! 

More fun on the way and the big finale to come!

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The Heretic’s Goof & Spook Film Spectacular XIII: A Tale Of Two Sisters

WFTH GS FS Finished

Welcome back again! 

Just seven more days until the glorious day of Halloween! 

Hope you and your little ghouls have your costumes ready, make-up patterns down pat, and plans in place. Don’t forget any safety plans, just in case.

Hopefully you all enjoyed yesterday’s psychological appetizer with “I’m A Cyborg, But That’s Ok” because today is the the Psychological-Thriller main course!

I give you the awesome!


A Tale Of Two Sisters

Su-Mi returns home with her father and younger sister from mental therapy. After being greeted by their step-mother everything begins to tear at the seams, but what lies underneath has still yet to surface.

I love psychological-thrillers! I cannot get enough of the sub-genre, especially if the film in question is really good, and they keep you guessing instead of making everything easy to figure out. It is kind of like having a good puzzle but in movie form. I have seen “A Tale Of Two Sisters” multiple times, I know how everything ends, but for some reason each watch still feels like watching it for the first time. I just get so engrossed in it.

The subtle, non-dialog moments of the movie just add to its creepy atmosphere. Keeping you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what will happen next, or what unspeakable horror is revealed. It definitely has a bit of a relaxed but melancholy mood to it.

It isn’t the most gore-soaked film, but the implications there are some really disturbing realizations throughout the film. Especially what lies under the psychosis. 

It is hard to pick or mention a favorite scene for this movie, because you don’t want to ruin the entire for those who haven’t seen it. Especially since there is a lot that could get revealed, completely deflating the experience of the film.

“A Tale Of Two Sisters” is definitely one of my favorite psychological-thriller films. There is just so much to this movie that each watch just becomes more and more awesome for me. There is still more that I pick out with each watch, which leaves me drained by the end of the experience.

For me it is like that line from Beetlejuice where Michael Keaton talks about watching “The Exorcist”. Except instead of funny it gets more awesome. If that is possible.

I would love to read the folktale that this movie is based off of. Just to see how creepy it is compared to this film.

Definitely avoid the wretched remake “The Uninvited”. That version shouldn’t be allowed near small animals.

Until tomorrow folks. 

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