The Wraith

The Wraith

The Wraith

A gang rules an Arizona town through intimidation as well as stealing cars by intimidating others to race their leader, until a mysterious black car suddenly appears and begins to change things.

I figured since all of the hoopla about Charlie Sheen and him leaving Two And A Half Men. As well as everyone liking to bag on him, I figured I would throw something positive out there. Even if it isn’t a movie that only I enjoy and not many else.

Yeah it is kind of cheesy in it’s delivery of the evil dickheads who run the town until someone comes along to put them in their place, but this movie is very enjoyable. It isn’t an over-the-top type of science fiction story either, but the small amount it does have keeps it really interesting and cohesive. I also liked Randy Quaid as the sheriff, which is another actor I have a lot of respect for, because of his versatility.

The Wraith is one of those movie, unless you are a complete movie-phile, that you see it once then forget about it, but when you see it again you have the “Oh yeah! I remember this movie!” reaction to it and end up not wanting to change the channel because you actually enjoy the movie.

I think this movie is one of the coolest films that Charlie Sheen has ever done, and it isn’t because of the fact it is kind of cheesy. The reason is because it is a science fiction movie that doesn’t try so hard to be like a lot of other styles and trends at the time. The other reason I like it so much is because the awesome band Lion, who did the soundtrack to the Transformers animated movie, has two awesome tracks on it. You also have Motley Crue, Ozzy, Billy Idol, and Bonnie Tyler, but Lion has the songs that actually come along and fit in the awesome parts of the movie.

Another reason I love this movie is the Interceptor car (the mysterious black car), which was a Dodge M4S prototype at the time. It just looks so badass in the movie! It still looks badass today, even though it never made it into production. I’m going to have to do a Geekmare post on my favorite television, animation, and movie cars.

Hopefully I can remember to actually pick up a copy of this movie!

Very awesome! See it!

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