Super 8

Super 8

Super 8

In the town of Lillian, Ohio, set sometime in the seventies, a group of kids get together to film a scene for their own horror movie at a train station until a freak train crash that sets a series of odd happenings and disappearances in motion.

I know this summary isn’t that great, but it is the best I can do without plagiarizing from Wikipedia. 
I ended up really enjoying this movie. It was kind of like watching The Goonies, but instead of trying to find a pirate’s treasure, you have various chains of events happening as the kids go around the town trying to film their movie. The great thing about this movie is that it definitely doesn’t try to be The Goonies; the film actually has an identity of its own.

One thing I did after watching Super 8 the first time around was to immediately watch it again. That is how much I really enjoyed this film. That reminds me. I think I will throw this movie on again.


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2 Responses to Super 8

  1. The fake zombie movie at the end was the best thing about it, IMO. I made movies like that when I was a kid (or tried to).

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