The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

A young Gelfling goes on a quest at the behest of his master to find the crystal shard and place back into the Dark Crystal. Along his journey he encounters various sights he has never seen before and meets someone who helps him along in his journey.

When my sister and I were kids our parents took us to the drive-in (I miss going to the drive-in) to see The Dark Crystal when it first came out. The movie actually had a pretty profound effect on us because it was the first time ever seeing a movie that was intended for kids with some pretty dark themes and one or two death scenes. The Skeksis were rather terrifying the first time I saw them on the large drive-in screen, especially that creepy noise the one character would make.

There is definitely an air of nostalgia when I watch this film, but also some wonder because I really enjoy the overall story and visuals. I even love the original movie poster, which I had to make sure was on my copy of the DVD. Some day I’ll have to get a poster and frame it for my wall.

I feel this movie tends to get overshadowed by Labyrinth at times when the conversation of the Henson movies comes up, which I can understand why.

There have been talks of a sequel, but as of late the plans for it have been put on hold from what I have read so far about. It would be nice to see a sequel, but maybe it is for the best.

There is also talk of a roleplaying game (table-top, not video game) in the works that might get released; if it does I might have to grab a copy for myself just for the nostalgia of the movie and the nostalgia of my gaming/geeky past.

My favorite character hands down has to be the seer Aughra. I love the scene when she chews out the Skeksis for letting the Gelflings escape after she just helped the Gelflings escape. 

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