Rage (Video Game)

Rage Game

Rage (Video Game)

One-hundred and sixty years after an asteroid crashes down to Earth destroying modern civilization leaving everything in a  post-apocalyptical wasteland ala “Mad Max” (Did I ever do a write-up of this film?), “Fallout”, “Spacehunter”,”Damnation Alley”, “Six-String Samurai” (I need to watch this one again so I can do a write up. Cool flick!), “Escape From New York”, and various other novels and media that revolve around the post apocalyptic future kind of theme. It is one of my secret favorite genres, along with dystopian future fiction and psychological horror/sci-fi, as long as it doesn’t involve zombies (Have I mentioned I am bored of zombies?).

I would give a better premise about this game’s storyline or just rip-off the one on wikipedia, but for how less the game actually makes you care about the underlying plot of the game I won’t bother expanding upon the point. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like this game or have any severe negative feelings towards it. It just doesn’t leave me enough to invest any emotion outside of running, gunning, and racing gameplay, which is the one part of this game that leaves you feeling drained after an intense play-through. I pretty much ended up bypassing a lot of the dialog just so I can get back in to this game and start shooting and racing. In a way maybe this is a good thing, I cannot say it kept me from playing the game.

Blowing up the giant, monster, humanoid was a bitch at first, until I figured out to just shoot him with the rocket launcher without using the scope feature. Which was a bit weird to figure out.

Basically you are being sent out on missions to take out bandits, gangs, compete in races, or retrieve something important for a particular town to survive on. The nice thing is there aren’t a ton or any side-missions to make the game more drawn out than it needs to be. The thing that surprised me was for a two-disc game how unbelievably short it is. I actually finished the game within in a weekend. Not really bad in all honesty, just a bit surprising compared to the other style of games “Rage” takes after.

“Rage” has a strange mixture for a game where you have part first-person shooter and part racing battle kind of like “Burnout”. Oddly enough it actually worked to this game’s advantage, you want to keep racing and going around and shooting the “bad guys”. It made for a very intense game, which I thought was pretty cool. It was actually a lot of fun for me to bounce between the first-person shooter moments and the racing moments of the game. Because when you start racing a circuit you kind of don’t want to stop until you have finished every race in a given circuit.

Overall I thought this game was pretty damn killer. Maybe it was a good choice for the game’s developers to have the storyline and dialog play second fiddle and just get you in to the action of everything. With the right tunes (I like to listen to my own tunes while playing these types of games as I have mentioned before) it can definitely increase the game’s intensity.

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  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Can imagine you playing this🙂. Sounds like great fun, Michael.

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