I Am Happy, You Are Happy

I know it has been an incredibly long time since I have written a post about whatever music or musician I am currently listening to. So I figured why not ramble on about something that has caught my ear and that I have been listening to on repeat on quite a few occasions, because as I have said before once something has caught my ear I am obsessed with it until I manage to get a copy of it for myself and listen to it until I burn out, and then go back for more punishment.

I know some of you are waiting for me to get in touch with my more “metallic” side, but that might be a while before I venture back down that road again. Plus I am enjoying discovering and listening to new things, even if they are only new to me. I love the “metallic” stuff, but still do not want to talk about it just yet.

Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci

Let me start this post off by saying that if you are looking for either gossip or for me to go on about this particular individual’s personal life you definitely came to wrong blog. When it comes to music that is pretty much the only thing I really give a shit about. I will talk about what directed me to the music, why I like it, and pretty much waveringly stick with that. I say “waveringly” because I am pretty self-aware that I tend to ramble, but usually stick with the topic. 

Now that we’re clear and that is out of the way.

I must admit the first that what drew me to Kate’s music was an episode of “Raising Hope”. I am aware she was on “Scrubs”, but even during that show’s original run I never paid it no mind. I forget which episode it was on “Raising Hope”, but I know it is the one where Shelley is singing to the dogs in her daycare. I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the lyrics, and the timing of how the vocals sat on top of the music she was strumming out of her ukulele. Thanks to this particular episode I was curious as to whether or not Kate had any recorded music released or if it was just “part of the show”. Thanks to Wikipedia (as usual) I found out that she had released a couple of E.P.’s as well as having a group called Garfunkel and Oats. So to Amazon I fle…clicked on over, pretty much downloaded both Kate’s solo E.P.’s; “Songs” and “EP Phone Home” and the Garfunkel and Oats stuff.

KateMicucci SongsEP

After listening through everything I really enjoyed the solo stuff, but really couldn’t get into the Garfunkel and Oats stuff. Yeah the Garfunkel and Oats songs are pretty funny, but I just couldn’t stick with it musically. The E.P.’s pretty much ended up on constant rotation throughout this last semester during my bus rides to and from school. I think the big reason I like Kate’s solo E.P.’s more than the Garfunkel and Oats stuff is the fact that the songs on the E.P.’s also have a bit of a Sunshine Pop flourish to them, especially since I like Sunshine Pop quite a bit, as well as some folky elements. Just something about Sunshine Pop that keeps some days from being boring. I also like the songs that are introspective as well. 

I think the other reason I like Kate’s solo music is because she reminds me of an American version of Ayano Tsuji. It is the acoustic instrumentations that are kind of like Ayano, but Kate definitely has a style of her own. The one song that I definitely cannot get enough of is “The Happy Song”, it has been one of those songs I throw on when I need a boost in my day. It is just a fun song that ends a bit silly, which I can dig.


I also like the meter at which her vocals sit on top of certain songs, especially the happier upbeat tunes. They just sound like a lot of fun, plus a lot of the time I end up hearing them in my head when I get the urge to want to grab both E.P.’s again and just throw them on repeat. I really enjoy a lot of the wordplay in the lyrics, whether they are about something to when they get introspective or when they are just a bit of childlike fun. In some ways it makes you feel like a kid again. 

Favorite songs are: “The Happy Song”, “Dear Deer”, “Walking In Los Angeles”, “Just Say When”, and “For My Dog Jack”.

There! Hopefully I wasn’t too rusty, and this wasn’t too painful to read!


Since I stupidly forgot to include some of Kate’s songs so people can get a taste of how awesome her songs are. Plus this my blog damn it! I will post late, even if it is my own fault that I forgot to do it the first time.

First we’ll start with this cool video!

Walking In Los Angeles

This awesome video!

Dear Deer

And my super-happy favorite!

The Happy Song

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7 Responses to I Am Happy, You Are Happy

  1. I love her! Now I’ll check out her music!

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Nice, Michael. You’ve got way more than just a metallic side.

    You made me curious why people would want the goss on her though? I hadn’t even heard of her before, but she looks sweet so I can’t imagine what she could have done. Your interests are so varied!!

    • The Heretic says:

      Thank you.🙂

      I just wanted to be upfront about that I was talking about her music, especially since she is mostly known as an actress. I didn’t want people to assume that I am writing anything about Kate outside of her music.

      I do like showing the various different types of music that I am in to, even if I am the only person who ends up appreciating it.

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