Upcoming Semester

It is that time again where I must stop all current projects and prepare for the upcoming semester. 

I must say that these past two months have been pretty productive for Words From The Heretic. I wish I could’ve gotten to my other intended projects. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to too many of the projects I had intended to get to and work on, but time can be a fickle mistress. As well as some other things that have distracted my time and attention.

With this new year just starting I am hoping to get a jump on where I need to be with school as well as where I want to be professionally.

For my older readers and friends I thank you for sticking around and reading what I have to post. As well as allowing me to read a lot of what you have to say and feel on your respective blogs, and hope this new year turns and remains for the positive for you. For those who I haven’t seen or read from in a long while I also thank you too and hope your new year is very positive.

For those of you new readers and subscribers I hope you get the chance and go back and read all of the other posts that I have written on this blog that has been part of my push towards thinking positive and enjoying the things that make me happy in life. I know not every thing is all sugar and honey in posts, but I still try to push towards that direction.

I wanted to do this giant best-of post that encompassed every section of this blog for a final post before stopping, but right now between trying to get setup and ready for the next semester as well as transportation arrangements. 

I will post once in a while on Ocular, but I think I am done with doing the audio diary portion of that blog. So I will just concentrate on normal posts when or if I can get to doing them. Provided anyone is interested in the updates of what goes on during the semester.

 So here is hoping that I can manage to pull myself up and on my own two feet. As well as being able to forge a new path for myself in life and not feel like a loser.

Here is hoping everyone gets what they want and need in life.

Here is hoping that everyone doesn’t get taken advantage of, used, screwed over, or swindled.

Here is trying to remain positive and not let the negative things get to all of us. 

Not letting insecurity, self-doubt, or what some asshole has to say about you allow you feel like you are worth less than anyone else in the world. 

I am The Heretic.

Take care.

Before I shut the lights and close the door behind me, let us say it together.

I’m bad, and that’s good.

I will never be good,

and that’s not bad.

There’s no one I’d rather be than me. 

About The Heretic

I am rather eccentric.
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5 Responses to Upcoming Semester

  1. For all that you hope for us, I hope the same in return. I hope to keep tabs through one blog or the other. I’m always excited about other’s pushing forward and onward. I look forward to what you create in the future!

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Loved that Ramones clip, Michael.

    Ah, so you’re going into hiding again🙂. You did achieve a lot in your time out, well, if posting is a measure. It’s great you’re still so full of gusto. Awesome! Best of luck this semester, Michael🙂

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