Net Neutrality

Friends, readers, fellow bloggers, podcasters, etc. I am posting this here on Words From The Heretic which I have copied over from my Senior Grumpy’s Verbal Cacophony because I want to make everyone aware to the situation as to what has just happened with the issue of net neutrality and how some greedy corporations managed to line the pockets of three judges to get rid of net neutrality that the FCC put in to place. I know I repeat this further down because I copied this directly from the SGVC post

I didn’t intend this type of post to be my last before I have to stop before school begins, but I really wanted to get this off of my chest and out there.

I apologize if my wording in my audio is incorrect and when I trip and stutter on my words because of how angry this particular issue has made me. Even if I am getting my information completely wrong. I tried to script this to keep a coherent thought and flow, but the more I thought on it the angrier I became.

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It seems that some greedy companies and whatever judges they can line the pockets of aren’t too happy not being in constant control of every aspect of the internet. So you can thank the following companies that are listed in the various articles below and the three dickhead judges who pretty much overturned and removed the net neutrality that the FCC had put into place. Because when you cannot readily control information you find ways to fuck over everyone from ever having access.

If this stays in effect this could easily hurt everyone in the entire scheme of things when it comes to the internet. It means corporations/companies can have a stranglehold on what you have access to. If a website has not fallen in line with the business outline for the ISP, they can block all access from users to that particular site or service. 

Thankfully there are those, even corporations, as well as many others who want to keep net neutrality in place.

The Cracked article I mentioned:







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7 Responses to Net Neutrality

  1. Red says:

    This is another example of changing the law to support the illegality you already practice. I have called down a few providers for throttling in the last five years. It is really commonplace. I travel enough to know which ones do it the worst.

    Great presentation. It should infuriate everyone.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Good for you airing this, Michael. Such things just go right over our heads, incredibly – but thank goodness you bring this to light.

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Just left your link at Wesley’s space – – as he’s bringing awareness like you. I swear, if neither of you guys wrote about this, I wouldn’t know.

  4. I have nominated you for an award. Please check it out here

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