The Lego Movie

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The Lego Movie


I could just leave the description for my enjoyment of “The Lego Movie” right there in that one line, but what fun would it be if I didn’t bother to share how much I enjoyed this movie. I will make the effort not to give away any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen this film and is waiting for it to be released on the home formats. 

One thing I can proudly admit is that I did get the enjoyment of watching this movie in the theater, I still have my ticket stub to prove it (I have a collection). It isn’t often that I get the enjoyment lately (especially during the school semester) to watch a movie in the theater. Let alone one that made me come away wanting to watch again. I enjoyed that for an adult you get to come away feeling like a kid again, as well as enjoying things as a kid when you are an adult. The movie left me with quite a bit to walk away with, especially the deeper moments of the film.

I do have a nickname for this film. Although it is more out of affection rather than insult. I have given “The Lego Movie” the nickname of “Tropes The Movie”. Every trope that is the make up of any story and makes you love a movie is in this film, and it wears every one of them as a badge with pride. There is one that is pretty blatant to begin with, but I am not about to give that away. 

One thing I can definitely say about “The Lego Movie” is that for a kids film is that it can be enjoyed both adults and kids. It isn’t overly sweet to the point of being saccharine, it is just the right balance of everything that it doesn’t become too much. 

There is also a lot of action, adventure, drama (gasp), and comedy that makes it a completely fun film to watch. I wouldn’t be too surprised if some parents sneak a viewing while their kids have gone to bed. 

I have a very high opinion of this film. As I said before; this is a film that anyone can enjoy. 


Did you think I was going to go the whole route of announcing I’m back?

I think this post is as good enough of an announcement. 

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One Response to The Lego Movie

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Totally worth watching, if only because it could literally entertain anybody who decides to give this a watch. Good review.

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