Child Of Light

COL 2014

Child Of Light

“Child Of Light” is a fantasy/action/adventure platforming roleplaying game about a young Austrian girl who falls asleep from an ailment and wakes up in the mythical world of Lemuria. A land whose sun, stars, and moon have been stolen by a dark queen.

I figured it has been a long while since I posted about any video games that I have been enjoying. This time around I thought I would go with something current rather than classic. Don’t get me wrong, I like my classic games but there are recently released games that I have been enjoying especially since I purchased a PS3 a while back. I purchased “Child Of Light” because it was highly recommended to me, plus the game’s price was within my range. 

One thing I definitely like about the game is its art-style. It kind of reminds me of a lot of European myth, fairy tale, and fantasy art. Although the creators of the game site Studio Ghibli and Yoshitaka Amano as inspirations for the art of the game, but if you are familiar with both of these Japanese animation entities you pretty much know that both have gathered inspiration for their respective works from Europe. So it is kind of a reflection back in a sense.

It was kind of like playing a fairy tale storybook for an RPG with some pretty fluid animation. If that makes any sense? I liked that the art wasn’t super shiny or slick and that the developers went for their own look and feel. The characters feel as if they have come out various European myths, folklore, and stories. Which is pretty cool. I like when a game gives me a different experience from time to time. It kind of plays upon that childlike imagination for an adult, but allowing for someone younger to appreciate it.

The gameplay is pretty easy. I’ve seen a couple of previews that talk about how intricate the battle system is, but it is quite easy to get a grasp for. It isn’t as intense as most RPG. Although it is pretty unique in that it combined the RPG elements with platforming elements. Not sure if there are any games that have done or tried this before, but it is a welcome change up and pace. The game may seem pretty epic, but it is pretty short and sweet. I guess you could say like a bedtime story to some degree. There are some add-ons (I think I only purchased one or two), but maybe Ubisoft would release some more storyline content to expand the enjoyment of the game. I would like to see that.

The only thing that took me a while to comprehend was the jewel combining. It reminded me of Final Fantasy VII’s materia in a way, but it was just as fun trying to get the combinations to achieve the bonuses for the characters. The skill tree was definitely interesting as you leveled up, which gave you the choice to either keep a given character balanced or specialize in a specific area. 

I have read complaints from various reviewers about the poetry used within the game, but I think this can be attributed to the fact that (I’m guessing) that the dialog was probably written in another language before it was translated to English. Especially if you look at the various development branches of Ubisoft and see that three quarters of them are located in Europe (Especially the parent company located in France). Is the poetry completely terrible in my eyes? I really don’t think so. 

I really enjoyed the soundtrack throughout “Child Of Light”, especially since I am a sucker melancholy or slow, airy piano pieces. Although the music for the game’s battles was way too similar to Final Fantasy, especially the games from Final Fantasy VII to IX. I think it could of used something a bit different, but I cannot really complain about it.

I would suggest this game if you enjoy a good story in your roleplaying video games. It is definitely something different. If you are looking for an intense challenge this might not be your cup of tea. I think it definitely has a good appeal range from a child to an adult. I liked it quite a bit. 

Since this game is brand, spanking new I won’t give away any further spoilers to the plot outside of my synopsis above or my favorite characters. I definitely would like a copy of the soundtrack.

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3 Responses to Child Of Light

  1. Thanks for the write-up! Will definitely have a look at this one. If I play, I mostly play the same titles over again, so should be fun to look at something new. Right now I’m having a go at Fallout 3 again – it is actually better than I remembered it, and the game is so huge, so there is a lot to explore that I didn’t check out in the past.🙂

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