The Four Heretics Of The Blog Topics

Four Year Heretic

This morning I was awoken by an email alert on my phone, along with the multitude of alarms going off (Yes! I am that hard to wake up.), that today is the four year anniversary of my blog here on WordPress. You would figured by now that  I would’ve moved it on to a server and bought a nice, shiny url name or have already done all of that through WordPress. Unfortunately I am not able to do that because of redirecting my finances towards the current big project that I have at hand (which I will get to further down). I won’t lie either, I also spent some of my money on the more fun things I enjoy.

You would also figure that I would be a little more cheery when it comes to another anniversary, not to say I am not happy. 

So I’ll explain in order to get the more boring shit out of the way. 

Lately I’ve come down with the post-college “Bleh’s”, especially after pretty much spending a year to receive my certificate for what I went to college for. It is that thing where you are trying to adjust from always being on top of everything and switching gears in order to apply everything you learned to what you want to start doing in life. 

It also doesn’t help that the weather is pretty damn hot this summer. Especially here in Vegas, I am sure Phoenix probably has it worse than us. So I am indoors quite a bit during the day. 

I have also been struggling with some personal and inner turmoil, especially with things slowing down and trying to work things out for what I am attempting to get off of the ground. This isn’t to say or claim that I am the “Only Person In The World” going through this. I am sure a lot of people are going through something similar.

My Business

As I have mentioned before I am working on trying to get an audio restoration business off of the ground. I have the hardware and software that I need for a start. I don’t have the best, top-notch equipment in the world, but I have what works for me that is within my budget. Hopefully once I have clientele coming in I can start upgrading a little at a time depending on how much of a workflow comes my way. But I am literally starting from scratch.

I would love to have a pre-approved (I think that is correct) credit card with a large enough amount of credit on it, max it out on the more proper things I need, and get everything going right out of the gate. Unfortunately I don’t relish the idea of debt collectors and other things happening. I would also do a crowd funding type of thing, especially since I do not know too much about how to properly go about one, and don’t want to end up with it all becoming a wash. 

I have been practicing with the hardware, software, and a few of the analog (that’s records and tapes for you people who  have never been exposed to too much of that type of media) pieces of gear just to get myself acquainted with everything. Filing everything down so I know how and what I need to do in order to transfer and restore old recordings. I would love to utilize more outboard gear, without having to put wear on my computer through the number crunching, but the gear required is pretty expensive. So I use what I have for the time being as I said.

I have a name for my business, but since I do not have a copyright or trademark I will not announce the name or show any of the images for it. Even if I put a watermark on the image I still do not have enough trust to post. 

This is pretty much why I haven’t been blogging too much, because of the amount of time I have been spending in preparation.

I chose this path because as much as I enjoy music it isn’t the only type of audio that I like. Plus I didn’t want to be amongst the multitudes of wannabe “producers”, I wanted something that is my own thing. 

Losing Weight/Wait

In the middle of my final semester I decided to put myself on a diet and exercise…once again.

This time around I chose to take a different approach. Rather than the rush on through it all, extreme, crash, burnout, and give up approach that has caused me to fail miserably I chose to go with a more steady and slower approach. I downloaded an app that helps me count my calorie intake, as well as keeping track of what I eat, and making sure I am not overeating after a specific time. Especially since I am pretty sedentary. It has helped out quite a bit, especially for how organized it allows me to be.

Each day I make sure to go walking…well…given that it is summer, it is more like each night. At least get some form of cardio in my life. My mom has also been going walking with me that way there isn’t a chance I will stop, and I have been using an app to keep track of how long I walk and how many calories I burn. We also try to increase the size of the radius and in which we walk, which has helped exponentially.

I have lost ten pounds. Which is a good start, but not the overall accomplishment. I am not even close.


I have been contemplating opening a new blog under another name. An advisory type of blog, that could possibly be turned into a book. It is just that I am not one hundred percent positive on doing it because I am not sure anyone can or would benefit from advice from a failed musician. I have a name, some thoughts and ideas, but I still need to mull it over. 

I was thinking of opening a YouTube channel, but after viewing the majority of things that are on YouTube I don’t know if that would be a place for me, or even Vimeo for that matter. I think for what I have in mind I would probably need a partner that I can trust, as well as to bounce ideas off of. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would bounce ideas off of family members, but it is hard to go by since family isn’t always going to be unbiased. You do need that outsider who is looking out as well as in.

So that is pretty much it. I will try my best to get some posts written and up, hope people read them, and dig them. I’m sorry it isn’t the super ecstatic post that I usually do, but with all that is on my plate I am left a bit on autopilot.

Cheers all!

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I am rather eccentric.
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3 Responses to The Four Heretics Of The Blog Topics

  1. wow!! congratulations for all of it, finishing school, starting a business and losing weight!! Oh yeah and 4 years of blogging!! do we get a before and after pic when you are done losing weight?

  2. Great job Michael! On everything. 🙂

  3. Awesome!🙂 Congratulations on four years of blogging! Best of luck with your business venture!

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